Walloon Parliament - Legislative file

The documentation made available online by the Walloon Parliament comprises all the documents relating to parliamentary activities since 1999. For the years before 1999, only the texts of Walloon decrees adopted by the Parliament are available.

This documentation is held in 2 databases:

As would be expected, the sheets for the documentary database are linked to the publications.

  • Type of contents: Preparatory parliamentary work
  • Period covered:
    • Before 1999: texts of adopted decrees
    • After 1999: all parliamentary activities
  • Exhaustiveness:
    • Publications: decrees, parliamentary documents
    • Parliamentary dossiers: input of all documents as from the extraordinary session of 1999
  • Type of data:
    • Reference database
    • Publications in PDF format
  • URL: http://www.parlement-wallon.be