Senate - Legislative file

This databank contains the legislative folders and the full text of the official documents and discussions in plenary sitting.

  • Type of contents: Preparatory parliamentary work
  • Period covered: 8/6/1995 (beginning of parliamentary term) to the present day.
  • Completeness: The aim is to achieve completeness as regards both the folders and the official documents (of the Senate and of the House). As far as the chronological account of events in the House is concerned, only the most important events in relation to plenary sittings are introduced. The texts of the House documents are not introduced. A link is however established to the official document featured on the House website. This link is established using the usual format of the URLs for parliamentary documents and information figuring on the list of documents of the legislative folder.
  • Type of data:
    • reference databank
    • full text databank
  • URL:
  • The past: This database is gradually extended to the past. The documents relating to the period 1834-1995 are already available (pdf files of scanned documents). The folders concerning the period 1988-1995 are also available. Our services are steadily adding folders by going back in time, one parliamentary term at a time. These two collections (documents and folders) are still separate. We consider that, in a few months time, the lists of the documents (in the folders) will have direct links to the documents themselves.