Parliament of the French-speaking Community - Legislative file

All parliamentary documents (drafts and bills, acts, budget draft bills, committee reports, committee and plenary sitting amendments, government statements, proposed resolutions and changes to regulations, verbatim reports and, consequently, topical issues, oral questions and interpellations are published in the legislative file; are also published: bulletins of questions and answers, the list of the Members of Parliament, the composition of its Bureau, etc.).

Parliamentary folders: detailed description of the progress of matters submitted to the Parliament committee and plenary sitting proceedings up to the references of publications of the decrees and their implementing texts in the Moniteur Belge, together with the references to any judgements delivered by the Constitutional Court.

Historical record of the Members of Parliament: contains the CVs of the Members of Parliament, their successive terms of office in the various committees and the reference to their contributions and initiatives.

  • Type of contents: Preparatory parliamentary proceedings
  • Period covered:
    • Contains the decrees issued since the first one voted on 19 June 1973
    • Contains the parliamentary documents since the 1971-1972 session
  • Completeness:
    • complete: decrees, parliamentary documents
    • parliamentary records: completely encoded since the extraordinary session of 1995
  • Type of data:
    • reference databank
    • full-text databank
  • URL: