Brussels-Capital Region Parliament - Legislative file

The Lex database offers access to the legislative files of the Brussels-Capital Parliament and the United Assembly of the Joint Commission for Community matters. The term 'legislative file' also covers draft and proposed ordinances, resolutions etc. and questions submitted by members of parliament as part of their supervisory role (e.g. written and oral questions and interjections).

The database gives an overview of the legislative process leading to a vote and the publication of an ordinance or bye-law. In addition to texts published in the Belgian Official Gazette, such as ordinances or bye-laws, the database also contains all of the files that the parliament has examined and voted on, such as proposed resolutions. Parliamentary questions are also reviewed in detail from their submission to the response from the minister concerned.

Each file contains a certain number of acts corresponding to the successive stages of the legislative process. Each of these acts (e.g. the submission of a proposal or a debate in plenary) can be linked to a document, whether that be preparatory works, minutes for meetings, or the response to a written or oral question. All of the documents referenced in the database can be consulted and/or downloaded directly from the Weblex search interface or via a structured list.

  • Type of contents: Preparatory parliamentary work
  • Period covered: 1989 to present
  • Completeness: Complete
  • Type of data:
    • reference database
    • full-text database
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